Exposure to Blue Light Affects Brain & Body

Disrupting Melatonin

Smart Phone Light ruins sleep schedules

Learn how the blue light from your TV and mobile devices can harm not only your vision but other areas of your health and well being.

The solution? BluTech - The Lens For Life®

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Cell phone light can cause harm to your eyes

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BluTech Lenses provide protection from UV rays and harmful high-energy blue light without altering or distorting color perception.

BluTech Lenses are not a coating or filter. They are a material that provides protection from the sun and blue light emitting devices.

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Research Findings on Blue Light and Your Body

Blue light lenses to prevent memory loss

Disruption to sleep schedule can cause distraction & impair memory next day

Learning difficulties from cell phone use
Harder to Learn

Poor night's sleep caused by the light from a smartphone can make it harder to learn

Sleep deprivation cause by cell phone use
Neurotoxin Buildup

Long term sleep deprivation can lead to neurotoxin buildup making it harder to get good sleep

Sleep and depression problems linked to blue light from cell phone usage

People with low levels of melatonin & body clocks thrown off by blue light exposure are more prone to depression

Sources: Nature Neuroscience; Harvard Health Publications; ACS, Sleep Med Rev, American Macular Degeneration Foundation;
European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons, JAMA Neurology

Cell phone light disrupting hormones
Obesity Risk

By disrupting melatonin & sleep, cell phone light can disrupt hormones controlling hunger potentially increasing risk of obesity

Connection between cell phone usage and cancers
Cancer Risks

Connection between light exposure at night & disturbed sleep increases risk of prostate and breast cancers

Blue light cell phones may cause cataracts

Research and investigation continues into whether blue light contributes to cataracts

retina damage due to blue light from cell phones
Retina Harm

Some evidence points to blue light causing damage to vision by harming the retina over time - more research needed