Eye Exams for people of all ages!

The average child will see the dentist 160 times during their lifetime but only have their eyes examined 16 times!

We serve all patients starting from under 1 year old

Dr. Ford performs routine eye exams in our Highland Square office

She will determine if you need additional testing or if your vision is perfectly normal!

Eyeglasses Required? Need Contacts?

Dr. Ford will write a prescription for glasses or contact lenses on the spot right after your eye exam is completed. You can conveniently have the prescription filled and select a beautiful, trendy or designer pair of frames right here in our office for truly a 1 stop eye exam and eyewear shopping experience.

Akron eye exams

More Than Routine Eye Exams

Akron eye pressure test for glaucoma
Glaucoma testing is among the many tests available at Adolph Optical

Baseline glaucoma tests could be warranted in many circumstances such as diabetic patients.

Eyeglasses Required? Need Contacts?

Come in for a comprehensive eye exam and we will discuss your medical history and current health to determine if additional testing is necessary.

Special Ophthalmic Testing Available

Visual Field Testing

In addition to visual field testing, Dr. Ford can perform nearly any type of eye exam or ophthalmic exam needed.

Diabetic Vision Testing and More

We test and screen vision for problems associated with diabetes.

Call Now For An Appointment

Appointments are available now. Call Adolph Optical at 330-253-7977 to schedule a convenient eye exam or test now!

Visual field testing Akron

Types of eye exams available at Adolph Optical

  1. Standard Vision Testing

    This is a normal or routine eye exam.

  2. Eye Pressure Test

    Commonly performed to determine oncoming symptoms of glaucoma.

  3. Visual Field Testing

    This procedure helps with evaluation of many aspects of eye health.

  4. Visual Acuity Test

    Eye chart test to determine near or farsightedness.

  5. Contact Lens Exams

    Specialty fittings for astigmatism and presbyopia.

  6. Ophthalmoscopy Testing

    This test is used to diagnose the health of your eyes.