Expert Eyeglass & Frame Repair

Let Adolph Optical Fix Your Frames!

We repair the frames and glasses the other opticians can't or wont!

When you need to fix a pair of your favorite glasses or frames come to Adolph Optical. We can do the most difficult repairs that others wont touch

We don't send your pair of broken glasses out to be repaired

Our experienced and highly trained opticians repair almost any kind of broken or damaged pair of glasses or frames. We can fix even the most damaged pair of glasses in most cases. Call or stop in today and learn how we can give your broken glasses a like new repair!

Eye glasses repair including bent frames or nose pads

Our Eyeglasses and Frame Repair Services

  1. Straighten Bent Frames
  2. Repair or Replace Broken Temples  
  3. Fix Loose or Missing Hardware
  4. Lens Replacement
  5. Solder Repairs
  6. Spring Hinge Repairs